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Cardiothoracic Study Questions

CT Case Log was designed for the practicing Cardiothoracic surgeon to keep a record of operations that he or she has performed. The app closely mirrors the case log available on the American Board of Thoracic Surgery website, including adult cardiac cases, congenital cardiac cases, general thoracic cases, and vascular cases. There are enhanced and expanded lists of pediatric cardiac diagnoses and procedures, along with more detailed vascular surgical procedures. CT Case Log enhances the capabilities of case logging by adding the ability to add photographs to the saved case log. These photos can be obtained from the user’s camera roll or photos can be taken using the device’s camera directly. Please note that all cases are stored in a fashion to protect the identity of the patient, and the user should be cautious to prevent breaking patient confidentiality rules by including private or identifying information in photographs.

The surgeon can store case information on his or device, or the cases can be individually transferred to the user’s Dropbox account in PDF file format so each case can be viewed on any type of computer that can display such files. A summary of all the cases, suitable for display in a spread sheet program, can be stored on the user’s Dropbox account, also.

Please note that this software is designed for educational purposes only, and the developer makes no claims about proper medical care. The user should not rely on this software alone to keep track of his or her cases and is advised to create backup copies of case information if needed for future use.