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Self Education Self Assessment in Thoracic Surgery (SESATS) is a tool for the training or practicing Thoracic Surgeon to demonstrate his or her cognitive skills for the field. The program covers thoracic surgical disorders of the lung and chest wall, mediastinum, acquired and congenital heart disease, and issues in critical care. The user is presented multiple choice questions for these topics and is given the opportunity to answer those questions. The user is allowed to choose the stringency of the test by opting to be given one or more chances to answer correctly. Some questions have associated images, videos, or CT scans, and all questions have explanatory critiques and literature references which can be viewed after answering the question.

This is the second in a series of apps developed to review previous SESATS examination questions. The first was CardioThoracic Study Questions, published in October, 2011, and represented the SESATS VIII question set. The current offering represents the SESATS IX question set. SESATS 10 is the most current version and is the version used for maintenance of certification as of the date of this writing. Therefore, although the current question set is a resource for the studying Thoracic Surgeon, some of its content may be outdated and may not represent the current state of the art and science of Thoracic Surgery.